Writing Is For Everyone

Do you like to write? Stories, poems, novels, music or… I sorta do!

I know, I know, either I do or I don’t.

I remember a time back in my high school days – Yay Santa Clara and Buchser High – when I had to do a report on an odd subject: aspirin. Now I haven’t the slightest recollection as to why that subject was chosen but I did complete the assignment – on a typewriter no less. Double spaced and two or three pages. In ’57/’58 we had no personal computers. Yes I am that advanced!

I managed to get in the range of A-/B+, as I recall. God, I was so proud of that little document. Kept it for years. I don’t know, it might still be around in one of my dusty, dingy little cubby holes.

Unfortunately I didn’t follow up on my feelings and over the years the desire sort of dissipated. Had I followed up, you might well be reading the ‘Great American Novel’ right now. Sigh…

Looking back, there has been a lot of writing in my life – as well as your’s I suspect: a special report for work, a letter of comfort to some one facing a challenge in their life, a book report or review, a journal (still working on the discipline for that one, which reminds me-be write back), Facebook or Twitter posting, a church bulletin article, etc, etc.

The point I’m making is that you have something to say. No matter the circumstances or subject matter you are presented with; happy, sad, joyful, thoughtful, frisky, political, personal, instructional, artful, or… , your thoughts are unique to you. Writing really isn’t some esoteric art form. You have already done ‘it’ in some form or another. We all have the capability. We just haven’t acknowledged that fact.

Writing is more of a disciplined, practiced activity. Just ‘do it‘ as they say, whoever they is. Your thoughts exist at all times even though sometimes I have too many at one time – hmmm, wonder if I can acquire a second brain. Share those thoughts.

Editing: Impediment Number One…

One major problem I have when writing anything, even a personal letter, is constantly ‘editing’ as I go along. While this does slow you down, the real problem this presents is it’s disrupting your train of thought. It can be a struggle getting that train back on the straight and narrow. Yes this little challenge can be a hard one to conquer but conquer it you can! The funny thing is, editing is probably the easiest task you have. You will find getting past this road block can speed up your writing. I am still working on this one.

Word Count: Impediment Number Two…

This may seem an odd obstacle but it seems I find myself always stopping to check my word count – have yet to figure out why I do that. What I should be doing is to just put the words down without counting. Word count will come with or without your checking constantly. Should word count be relevant to what you are writing, it’s easily dealt with in your editing.

Below are several links to articles you might check out. While the Copy Blogger site primarily deals with professional copy writing don’t let that scare you off. All the information they provide can help you with any of your writing endeavors.

Seeing your thoughts on paper allows them to become more real. If or when you choose to share your thinking with others it becomes even more so and can result in a profitable exchange – no I don’t necessarily mean $$$.

Remember, in today’s technological world it’s very easy and rewarding to share your thoughts with the whole world. This can be done through a blog of your own or on some other site. For instance sites such as Ezine Artcles and Qondio, allow you to share your thoughts.



Believe this:

The World Needs ‘The Uniqueness That Is You’! Bring It On… .


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