What Is Bum Article Marketing?

Bum article marketing is a way of making money on the internet. It is one of the most popular ways for new internet marketers to make money.

The term bum marketing was popularized by Travis Sago, a marketer from Arkansas in the USA. It happened when he was writing a free ebook about how to write and submit articles to make money as an affiliate. When he told his wife about it, she said the method sounded so cheap and easy that even a bum could do it.

Bum article marketing sounds weird to any English speakers outside of North America because in the UK and Australia and probably other places too, the word bum means a person’s behind. So just to be clear, in the USA a bum is a tramp, homeless person, vagabond or vagrant.

So that’s why Travis (or rather, his wife) named his ebook the Bum Marketing Method(TM). It was so successful that bum marketing quickly became a synonym for article marketing among internet marketers.

So what is the bum article marketing method and why is it considered so easy? Well, the basic idea is that you pick out an affiliate offer where you can earn money from commissions if people buy through your affiliate link.

For example it might be an ebook about how to lose weight, where you get paid 50% of the purchase price for each buyer that you send. You would write articles, and put your affiliate link at the end. The idea is that when people click through, you can earn a commission.

Done in this way, bum article marketing is completely free. There is no cost at all except your time. It is also extremely easy to do, even for somebody with no technical knowledge of the internet. You do not even need a website.

However, the top article directories soon began to ban affiliate links in articles. This meant that you would have to have a website. It could still be quite simple to redirect to your affiliate link but it was no longer a completely free method. You would need at least one domain, web hosting, and the basic knowledge of how to do a redirection.

Article marketing is still a simple and effective affiliate marketing method, but this means that it needs to be done a different way by the homeless person with no credit card working out of a public library … the type of person that Travis Sago considered could follow his bum article marketing method. They can still do it for free, they just have to set up a free Blogger or WordPress.com blog and direct their resource box links there.

The downside of bum article marketing is that you have to do a lot of writing. It is not easy for people who hate writing or people for whom English is not their first language. While it may be possible to find article directories that will accept articles in other languages, the market is smaller.

Of course it is possible to hire somebody to write for you, but this makes it more expensive. Before you do this you need to have done some testing so that you know that the affiliate offer will convert for you. Then you can hire writers and be pretty sure that you will make a profit on your bum article marketing without having to do any writing yourself.

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