Is There An Author In You

Are you finding it hard to write articles? A single article? A single paragraph? Well, me to.

Finding ‘inspiration’ sometimes is elusive. But did you know that you are already an author/writer?

What is the definition of an author: ‘Author – a: one that originates or creates…’.; ‘Author, one who is the source…’.

Have you ever written letter to the editor? A complaint or complement to a company? Have you ever written a letter to a loved one? Do you write in a diary? Have you written a poem?

Now it may be somewhat simplistic to think that any of the above makes you a author/writer but – ‘You Are’! While we aren’t, initially, talking about ‘The Great American Novel’ here – that may very well be in you! Many a book has come out of a diary!

With any of the above ideas you have taken words expressing something of importance to you, committed them to paper, or computer file, or email, and ‘Published’!

Know what Twitter is? Well, if you tweet you can expound on a Tweet and it becomes an article. How about Facebook and all your discussions going on there?

Need a little research to flesh out an idea? The Internet is a great place to get information. Just be sure your resources are reliable.

As for what tools do you need? Your computer likely came with some sort writing of software, whether Mac or PC. If not, just go to – This software is free and will give you every thing you need. And believe it or not, many folks still utilize pen and paper!

Today, with the advent of the Internet it is extremely easy to share your ideas with the world. And make no mistake about it – Today’s World Needs All The Good Ideas It Can Get!

The bottom line is that ideas are every where. You are unique and so are your ideas – There Is More In You Than You Know!

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