I Should Do This?

Know what one of your most important, if not The Most Important, online functions is? Whatever your reason for being part of the Internet community, this function takes precedence over every other one!

It’s backing up your site(s)!

If you’ve ever lost your information or site, you know it can be a harrowing experience to deal with. Whether that loss was due to the site being hacked or your web host losing service, or going out of business suddenly or your own, local computer just fails…

It’s not something you need to have happen.

I use two services with my information and you need to explore both and see if they will suit your particular situation.

1. Carbonite to back up my computer files

2. BUB to back up my sites

Whether or not you choose to use these programs, at the very least you need to explore what’s out there and chose something before disaster strikes!

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