How To Use Articles In Marketing Online For Top Profits

Using articles in marketing online is one of the best ways to increase your profits from your website. Of course, to begin you need a website, but it does not even have to be your own. You can send traffic to somebody else’s site as an affiliate and earn commissions from that. Because of this, article marketing is one of the easiest ways to begin making money online.

However, if you do have a website and you are not seeing as many visitors as you would like, using articles in marketing will almost certainly help you increase the traffic to your site. This works in two ways.

First, people will read the articles and click through from the link to your site that you will leave in the resource box.

Second, the link in the resource box acts as a ‘backlink’ to your site. Backlinks are one of the ways that Google and the other search engines evaluate the popularity of a website. This means that having more backlinks is good for search engine optimization.

In other words, backlinks help to boost your site up the search engine rankings, so you appear closer to the top of the list of results that people get when they search for your keywords.

Because of this second benefit, it is usually a good idea to submit your article to plenty of directories. They do not mind if you do that, provided you always use the same author name so that they can see the article is genuinely yours. If you publish your article on one site under the name of John Smith, and then submit it to another site in the name of Jane Doe, the second site will think that Jane Doe has illegally copied the article from John Smith, so they will likely turn it down.

Most experts recommend submitting to first, and waiting for them to approve your article before you submit it elsewhere. This will get you best results when using articles in marketing. This is because ezinearticles tends to be the most picky of the article directories. They are more likely to approve the article if it appears unique, so it is best if it is not published anywhere else before, even on your own site.

Once you have their approval, you can go ahead and submit to as many other directories as you want. You can also create pages on free sites such as Blogger, Squidoo and Hub Pages. For Squidoo you will need to split your article into several different sections because they will not publish a page that only contains one section.

Of course, you will want to submit more than one article anyway, to get optimum results from using articles in marketing. So simply rinse and repeat as often as you want.

Be sure that all of the articles that you write are relevant to the theme of your site. For example, if you have a website about carpet cleaning, there is no point in submitting articles about soccer. That is because the article will attract soccer fans, not people looking for carpet cleaning. If you plan on increasing your profits by using articles in marketing, it’s the people with dirty carpets that you want to have read your article and visit your site!


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