Can You Improve Your Business Image?

The month of May is International Business Image Improvement Month. Can you improve your business image during this month? Actually it’s likely you can with less effort than you might think.

Your image is how folks see you in your community (business or other wise). Does that image need some improvement? Most likely there are things you can look at and change or update,

Ask your customers what and how they think about your business. How do they view you? What to they think could be improved?

Look at your physical business – is it clean? Is it well lit? Is it easy to navigate around? I’ve been in so many businesses, from large department stores to local hardware stores, where navigation was almost an impossibility due to the isles being so crowded.

Look at your personnel – are they nicely dressed so as to communicate an air of professionalism. No, that does not necessarily mean a suit and tie. Less formal looks can be very elegant while relaxed, for both women and men.

Look at your advertising – is it professional and easy to read? Can the customer find what they are looking for?

One of the best things you can do to improve your image is to participate in your community. One of most popular image improvement efforts around the country is to volunteer for your local public broadcasting folks. When I watch my local channel most of the folks on there are from local firms, large and small.

Are you a web design firm – offer to build a web site for a needy organization. Today, WordPress makes it so easy to set up a site for anyone. Are you copywriter – offer to write their advertising copy. Do you do video work? Offer to film a commercial for them. Offer to build a fan page on Facebook for them.

Many folks do volunteer work outside of their employment. Make use of that letting your customers know you support the community by allowing employees do ‘their thing’. Before I retired my employer allowed me to participate in emergency services work, even paying me while doing this. They thus received some well deserved recognition.

There are always things you can do in the area of image improvement without resorting to paying high dollars to accomplish this. Stop, look around you and see what you can improve.

Giving rather than taking is a great way to make friends and influence people, which can greatly improve your image.

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