Article Marketing Tutorial: Resource Box Secrets

In this article marketing tutorial we will look at how to write your resource box in order to get the best results. Article marketing can be extremely effective and can bring in huge amounts of money, if you do it regularly and do it in the right way.

But if you get this wrong, you can waste a lot of time. Make sure you are rewarded for your marketing efforts by paying close attention to all of the tips in this article marketing tutorial.

Article marketing has two purposes. One is to get backlinks for SEO. For that, the only thing in the resource box that matters is the actual link. Most marketers use a keyword phrase as anchor text because this will increase the ‘weight’ of your link in the eyes of the search engines.

For example, if your site is about removing warts, you might hyperlink the words ‘wart removal’ or ‘get rid of warts’.

This is OK as long as you make sure that the words around the link tell people what to do (i.e. click on it). Remember, they are much more likely to do something if you tell them to!

This is known as a ‘call to action’ and it can be done by saying something like ‘Click here to download our free report on Wart Removal’, where ‘Wart Removal’ is the linked text. That way you get your keyword phrase in as the anchor text for SEO, but you have also explicitly told people to click on it.

However, always keep in mind the second purpose of article marketing. This is to attract real human visitors who will click through the links in your resource box to reach your site. From there, they can buy your product, opt in to your list, register on your forum, click on your Adsense ads or affiliate links, or do whatever else you want them to do.

When it comes to human visitors, remember that you may get a better click through rate if you hyperlink the words ‘click here’ for at least one of your links. People are so used to seeing ‘click here’ that they will often do it automatically or just to see what happens.

Let’s move on to consider something else that matters to your human visitors in the next section of this article marketing tutorial. That is the feeling that they are getting something valuable that is not available anywhere else.

This aspect of marketing is known as creating a Unique Selling Point or USP. It is so important to the marketing of products that virtually all books on marketing and advertising will talk about it.

The important thing to remember in this aspect of our article marketing tutorial is that having a USP is not only important for selling products and services – it is important for having people do anything that you want them to do, including clicking on the link in your resource box.

So it is not enough to tell people to ‘click here for more information about wart removal’. They can find more information about wart removal anywhere! In fact, right there on the page in the article directory where they are reading your article, they can probably see the directory owner’s Adsense boxes displaying all kinds of wart removal ads. In order to get their click, you have to compete with those ads and win!

You can do that by offering something exclusive and unique that your visitors cannot find anywhere else (or at least, that’s what you’re going to tell them if you follow our advice in this article marketing tutorial). It could be a free report or series of tips that is only available from your site, or something that people can view on your site such as a video. It may only be an embedded YouTube video, but you can easily make it sound exciting and unique!

Or if you are writing about a disease or condition, how about a picture gallery? Anybody who has warts wants to see pictures of other people’s warts! In fact, even people who don’t have warts will want to see those pictures!

Of course, you should take care not to use any pictures that you don’t have permission for, but you will find it is worth paying a few dollars for five or six wart pictures from a stock photo site. People love seeing pictures of unsightly diseases and having a page on your site called ‘wart photo gallery’ will attract tons of visitors.

Finally, you will want to make sure that you can easily refer to these resource box tips next time you are submitting an article. So go ahead and bookmark this article marketing tutorial now!

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