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What is the number 1 top article marketing tip for increasing your click through rate? It can be hard to know, because there are so many factors that contribute to an effective article and there is an article marketing tip for each of them.

You need to bring several different points together if you want to have people read your article and click on the link in your resource box. Let’s look at all of them, instead of just offering one article marketing tip.

1. Keyword Phrase

Keyword research is important for two reasons. First, it will help you write articles around problems or products that people are actually searching for. Second, you can help your article get high in the search engine results by avoiding keywords with very high competition.

2. Title

The title of the article must be something that will make people click. Remember, they will see the title in the search engine results along with all the other websites that are ranking for that phrase. If they don’t click on your title, there is no way they can click on your resource box, because they will not even reach your article. So your title has to stand out and be the one that they pick.

3. Article Body

Of course, the article needs to be interesting and useful to the visitor. On the other hand, you don’t want to give everything away, or they will not click on your link to learn more.

Equally, it is better not to make your article too long, especially if you are submitting to one of the article directories that only allows self serving links in the resource box at the end. (Self serving links are links to your own site rather than links to authority sites like Wikipedia.) Internet surfers have a very short attention span, and they could lose interest before reaching the end of a very long article.

People like facts and figures, so use research results and numbers in your article. (Including a figure in your title, such as ‘7 Ways To …’, is another good article marketing tip.)

People also like stories and examples, such as ‘Anselmo, 39, tried all the home remedies he could find before stumbling upon … etc.’ It’s accepted journalistic practice to change identifiable information in examples like this so there does not have to be a real person called Anselmo.

4. Resource Box

In your resource box, you need to give people a reason to click through to your site. ‘More information’ is typical, but it’s not so great because people can also get more information about your subject from hundreds of other sites.

Instead, go one step further by including a ‘unique selling point’ or USP in your resource box. See our next and final article marketing tip for an example of this.

5. The Link

Yes, the link itself has an effect on whether people will click. The tendency among marketers is to use a keyword phrase as the anchor text for the link. This is good for SEO but take a moment to think about how it appears to the human visitor.

If you do that, you will see there is a need to have some wording around your link that encourages people to click on it. Combine this with a unique selling point and you should not have any trouble increasing your click through rate.

For example, ‘Click here for exclusive information on LINKED KEYWORD PHRASE that you will not find anywhere else on the internet!’ Doesn’t that make you want to click – even though it’s only an article marketing tip?

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