Article Marketing 101

Anybody looking for the secrets of success with article marketing 101 needs to know about keywords. Used correctly, keywords can give your article a huge boost. This means you have the potential to earn a lot more money. But if you choose the wrong keywords, your article will be lost in the world wide web’s garbage heap.

So what are the secrets of choosing the right keywords? Here are the two main points that students of article marketing 101 need to get right.

1. Traffic and competition: the niche

First you will need to do some basic keyword research to even be sure that you are promoting something that people are interested in.

For example, you may have discovered a really cool ebook about how to make money with article marketing. The sales page looks professional and you think it will convert very well. But you need to be sure that there are people out there searching for information on how to do article marketing.

When it comes to traffic, the best plan is to write articles on keywords that are getting from 200 to 2000 monthly searches. More than that and the competition is probably too intense. Less and you will not have many people reading your articles.

However, do keep in mind that a large percentage of internet searches are on totally new keyword phrases. If you ever look at website stats you will see that most times, your visitors do not arrive by searching for the exact keyword phrase that you were targeting.

So if you write a good article that is relevant for your subject, you may pick up all kinds of traffic that you did not expect. Nevertheless, you also need to think about whether these visitors will buy, and that’s where the next point is important for article marketing 101 students.

2. Keywords relevant to the product

It may seem obvious that you will need to base your articles on keywords that are relevant to your subject area. For example, if you are promoting an article marketing basics ebook, you want to attract people who are hoping to make money online.

But you need to be more precise than that in order to attract people who will actually buy the product. Think about what the product does and who would be most successful using it.

In this case, the target market is people who can write English, have some time available, want to make money online and don’t already know a lot about article marketing (since the product is about article marketing 101).

So the best keywords will be the ones that target those people. Article marketing basics, make money online from writing, article marketing for beginners … that kind of thing.

Of course, it is important to attract visitors who are prepared to buy, not just those who are looking for free information. For this reason, you could start by being very specific and writing a review of your product, targeting the keyword ‘product name review’, or use the keyword ‘buy product name’.

You may want to do this even if you find practically zero results for those keywords in your research. The visitors who do come will be extremely targeted and are more likely than general visitors to buy the article marketing 101 ebook that you recommend.

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