An Article Marketing Service That Can Write Articles For You

An article marketing service or writer is what you will need if you want to outsource your article writing. There are plenty of writers willing to write for you. Just be aware that the cost varies hugely – and so does the quality of the articles. In some cases you might not care about quality.

For example if you just want to use your articles to get links back to your site, you can hire a writer or article marketing service very cheaply. The articles may not be proper English and they will probably not be very interesting or informative. There may be a lot of repetition. But you can use them on some of the less prestigious directories and web 2.0 sites to get your links.

On the other hand if you want interesting, useful articles that a real human visitor will enjoy reading, so that they will click on your link and buy your product or service, you will need to pay a lot more. This type of article needs to be written by someone with a very good command of English who also understands how to get people to buy. Don’t forget that last point, because it is important. Why?

Consider this example. You are the owner of a window cleaning business, and you want to hire an article marketing service to help your business reach number 1 in Google for the search term ‘window cleaning Atlanta’. You might hire a writer to write on this keyword, and then find that the article was all about how a person can clean their windows. Would you be happy? No! That is not what you want at all. You want articles that will encourage people to hire YOU to clean their windows, not articles that tell them how to do it themselves! So you need to find a writer who can not only write well, but understands this essential point.

It helps if you give them a ‘slant’ for the article as well. Instead of just giving them the keywords, tell the article marketing service or writer that you want articles showing the benefits of hiring a window cleaning service, and these are the keywords. That will make sure that you are putting across the right message in the articles that you get back from the article marketing service.

Often you can find very good writers who are willing to write unique articles for you. You may wonder why they do not use their time to write articles to promote their own websites. The answer is usually that they want a more regular type of income. Writing for somebody else may be less profitable in the long term, but it means they can be sure of enough money coming in to pay the rent right now.

An alternative is to buy PLR articles and have them rewritten to make them unique to you. Most writers will do this for a lower payment than if they were writing from scratch, because they do not need to spend time on research. They simply put the same information into different words. If you want to save even more money, you could probably do this yourself. Try it and you just might surprise yourself…

Outsourcing is always a balance between money and time. You spend the money to gain time that you can better use for other aspects of your business. Whether it is an individual writer or a company, outsourcing your writing to an article marketing service is one of the most efficient ways that you can invest in your online business.


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