No, I’m not a ‘guru’, just a lifetime student, learning new social media, marketing, e-publication and life skills all the time!

I think of myself as a ‘Permanent Apprentice’ professional.because it means the ‘learning mode’ should always be on. I’ve never liked the word ‘guru’ – It’s weird! Always seemed to me that being an ‘guru’ means you have nothing else to learn and that should be an impossibility…

The Universe is in a constant state of flux! Today’s technologies, makes an immense and ever changing field of knowledge constantly available.

Formerly a Pennsylvania resident, Northern California has been my home for many years. My dad passed way to early in life and mom supported our family in those early years

I’ve worked a wide variety of jobs from;  paper routes to working in local orchards and greenhouses during high school years., In my ‘working stiff’ life I was with a number of Silicon Valley’s most well known enterprises – Fairchild, Ampex, DEC, Xerox.

I spent the last 14 years before retirement, with University of California Santa Cruz, as a Facility Project Manager. Loved working with people in that position.

I have been a volunteer with a search and rescue group – –  since the late sixties. Volunteer in your community – i’s a very rewarding experience!

I’ve done a bit of article writing and hope life allows me to continue doing so. It’s great fun to know you put a couple of words to paper or website and it can be shared with the world –

Being retired provides an opportunity to give whatever I can. Sharing my meager knowledge and experience with others via the Internet and its incredible avenues of communication, education, and entrepreneurship is extremely satisfying.