A Successful Article Marketing Plan

If you do not know where to start with your online marketing, you need an article marketing plan. Article marketing is one of the best ways to promote any website, and having some kind of a plan will ensure that you succeed.

As with anything, it is important to follow through if you want to make money online. Most people who are failing at internet marketing (and there are a huge number of them) are failing because they do not finish what they start. They will set out to do something but somewhere along the way they will be distracted into starting something else.

This often happens because they come across some hyped up new system that promises massive earnings if only they will do things in this new way. So they start over, but the new method doesn’t have a chance, however good it is, because right before they would have started to make money, they are distracted by something else.

As we have said, article marketing is an excellent way to build traffic and links. However, driving traffic to a website is one of the things that people often give up on much too soon. The reason for this is that it can be time consuming. Because of this, it is important to know what works, so that you spend your time in the most profitable way. You can easily do this with an article marketing plan. Here’s why.

If you submit articles to the premium article directory EzineArticles.com, you will have plenty of information at your fingertips. They will send you a monthly report of which articles have had most views, both this month and in all time. You can also see click through rates for each article from within your author account. This information is available to you even with a free membership, you do not need to pay for premium membership (although you can if you want, as there are other benefits).

So the first step in your article marketing plan should be to submit unique articles to EzineArticles. One article per day is good. If you have a day job and only have a limited amount of time for your article marketing plan, you might prefer to aim for three or four articles a week.

Of course, you will need to decide which site(s) to promote. I would start with the most profitable site or sites that you have, but concentrate on promoting just one or two sites at first. If you do not know which are your most profitable sites, you will have to take a guess according to the niches and the money making method that each site is using.

If you have time, you can also submit the article to other directories, but it is best to wait until after EzineArticles has approved it. Even better, write another version or spin the article for the other directories.

After you have submitted 10 or 12 articles to promote a site, you may start to see patterns in the number of views and clicks that are showing in your statistics. Hopefully, you will also have some sales. You can now continue your article marketing plan based on what is working.

If you have no sales, think about why that is. Are your articles being viewed? If not, the problem lies in either your title (make it more eye catching) or your keywords (no searches, or too much competition).

If the articles are being viewed but you have a very low click through rate, the problem is either in the article body or in the resource box. You probably need more training in writing articles and resource boxes as part of your article marketing plan.

Finally if you are getting clicks through to your site but no sales, the problem is with your site layout or the products that you are promoting. Either tweak your site, try a different method of monetization or switch to writing articles to promote a different site.

It is a good idea to create a spreadsheet so that you know exactly how many articles you have written and submitted to promote your different sites. This will help you to keep to your writing schedule. It will also remind you when you need to submit an article to more sites. The more organized you can be with your article marketing plan, the best chance you will have of success.

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