You And I Can Help

You can write about anything that strikes your fancy. Something in the news? A comment on your Facebook page? Or… I did the one below on the spur of the moment for one of my other sites.

* * *
A great many of us have ideas we want to propagate. Some to make
life better for their families. Some to make life better for your
families. Some to just plain get money and there nothing wrong with

Me, I prefer doing some that helps others. It’s just that giving is much
more satisfying.

This is one way I’ve chosen to help where I can. I am not rich by
by any stretch of the imagination. In fact my situation is just the
opposite! My refrigerator and cupboards have little but the fact I
have something makes better life better.

Every day I see others around the world who have less than me. In
fact it makes me feel ashamed when I ‘choose’ to act the part of a

Kiva lenders are you and I all working as one team to help combat poverty
daily by making small loans to borrowers around the world. They believe
in fair access to affordable capital for people to improve their own lives.

And yes loans I have been privileged to make have and are being paid back.

If you haven’t I would ask you to at least look at this site and
maybe you will find something here to give you that good feeling by
helping others.

Besides, it is a way for us to travel the world, as it were, since it is
not likely I will do that in real time.

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